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Re: Can we have a debate?

Francesco Tapparo <ftapparo@ntt.it> writes:

> > Some of us believe in the needs of our users. (Actually, I suspect most
> > or all of us do, whether we or they agree that non-free serves those
> > needs or not)
> I am not sure about that. Surely this is not true in my case: The
> Debian ojective come first, the Debian user after. I work for my
> cause, not for the cause of others,

comments like this make me wish i never got involved with the debian
project. we do have an implicit obligation to our users, if not
explicit, as the social contract (still) says:

4.Our Priorities are Our Users and Free Software 

     We will be guided by the needs of our users and the free-software

now i understand why you guys support this stupid resolution. you
don't want the lowly users to interfere with your cause. you comment
proves that you don't agree with the debian social contract and you
shouldn't be a debian developer. i know i will resign if the general
resolution passes.


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