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Re: /usr/man -> /usr/share/man, etc

> 1. For the packages that have already moved to /usr/share/man, they'd
> have to be re-modified to add the dependency.

 We *should have* done that. Now it's clearly late.

> 2. The dependency is not real: the package's functionality does not
> depend on man-db. Suppose I'm building a firewall: I don't need the
> manpages, and I certainly don't need the man program(s).

 No, it's not a problem. The proper way to implement this is to add a
`Conflicts' with older versions of man-db.

> 3. It won't work. The actual desired dependency is on the content of a
> configuration file, which won't be updated if the user has edited the
> manpath config file.

 Uh? Who cares? Dependencies have always worked this way.

> I consider 2 and 3 the real killers...


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