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Re: /usr/man -> /usr/share/man, etc

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> I recently installed some packages from potato - e.g. the Libc, some
> of the toolchain, etc - on my otherwise largely slink-derived system.
> One consequence of this was that the man pages for the new packages
> were unavailable, as slink's man(1) didn't know to look in
> /usr/share/man as well as /usr/man.
> There seems to be a similar change regarding /usr/info and /usr/doc -
> and perhaps some other directories that I haven't spotted.
> Can someone tell me how this transition is supposed to work?  Why are
> there no package dependencies to ensure that it happens smoothly?

Hmmm. Imagine all packages depending on man-db ;-)

Well, since you're already using some potato packages, it probably wouldn't be
a problem to also install potato's man-db.

Alternatives: update /etc/manpath.config  or use
"man -l /usr/share/man/man?/whatever"

  Anne Bezemer

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