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Re: Regarding the GR [non-developer]

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 06:08:25PM -0500, Asher Densmore-Lynn wrote:
> I, a user of Debian, find software packages currently categorized as
> "non-free" both useful and necessary. The distribution would be inferior
> without them.
> I would find it alarmingly difficult to recommend Debian to anyone if my
> instructions had to include "and then get the latest Ghostscript binaries
> and jam them on there -- you'll figure out where they go".

You are, I trust, aware that this General Resolution, whether it is passed
or not, does not prevent *anyone* from making a .deb of anything in
particular, or putting it on a CD.  It would, if passed, preclude .debs of
non-free software from redistribution through the Debian mirror network.

> Are you guys making a Product or a Statement? Choose which.

Since when are these mutually exclusive alternatives?

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