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Why the GR is not necessary

According to Thomas Bushnell, BSG:
> 1) Currently many poeple (as evinced by this very flame war) think
>    that non-free is part of Debian.  How can we prevent the average
>    new user from getting this impression?

Rename "main" to "debian".

> 2) Bugs in the interactions between main and non-free might hold up a
>    release.  This should never be allowed to happen [...]

That's the release manager's call, I think.  Pick a good one.

> 3) We should provide some kind of back-pressure to avoid the
>    twin evils of author's releasing softare which is non-free [...]
>    and nobody taking the initiative to make the free alternatives
>    really work [...]

That back-pressure already exists.  It's called "peer pressure".
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