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Ship's Log, Lt. Francesco Tapparo, Stardate 060600.2307:
> I don't think so: if you permit to link GPL software to QPL software, you
> permit to restrict the freedoom of the code (QPL is more strict than GPL).
> But the GPL is designed to maximize the freedom of the users, so  this
> permission is not acceptable in the GPL.

No, the author of the software _chooses_ to link it that way, therefor no
freedom is taken by it. The other way round. Not allowing someone to link it
that way, even if both the author of the software, as well as the one of the
graphic lib agree to it, is restricting.

And btw.: acording to KDE even lawyers think it's allowed to do so.

Alexander N. Benner - vi@aleph.christen.net
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