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On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 12:49:17PM -0700, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> I sometimes get sick of this issue and wish it would
> get resolved.  I understand the problem, and sometimes
> think it is that the GPL goes just a little bit too
> far. 

I don't think so: if you permit to link GPL software to QPL software, you
permit to restrict the freedoom of the code (QPL is more strict than GPL).
But the GPL is designed to maximize the freedom of the users, so  this
permission is not acceptable in the GPL.
Of course if the authors of the code like the permission to link to QPL
libraries, thay can simply use a different license (i.e. GPL+ premission to
link to QPL, or another license).
So the problem is not in the GPL, it is in the authors of KDE: they
choose a license they cannot respect. 


Francesco Tapparo				 |	cesco@debian.org
fight for your software freedoms: www.fsf.org    |      tapparo@mat.unimi.it

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