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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Marc Haber wrote:
> On Wed, 07 Jun 2000 18:49:06 -0700, you wrote:
> >That, in my opinion, is precisely the reason why a, for lack of a better
> >word, cabal has consistently made it more and more difficult to have
> >non-free software in Debian.  Take a naive new user.  Make it difficult for
> >them to get non-free software.  Pretty soon you have a "true free software
> >user".  The want for non-free software is not satisfied.  The user is
> >merely conditioned to not want non-free software.  
> IBTD. That naive new user will laugh, throw his Debian CDs away and
> install RedHat or SuSE. It happened in the past because of dselect,
> and it will happen in the future because of non-Netscape.

100% agreed.  I don't want to have anyone babysit me and decide for me
which software I should use.  *I* want to decide if I use the non-free
software or not.  If the Debian project is going to do that for me I'll
stop using Debian.

The argument I could fetch them from somethere else doesn't count.
I have to find the archive first, which is probably hard if it is'nt
mentioned anywhere.  I have exactly the same problem with KDE right now.
I'd like to install the kdemultimedia package because I like the kmix
utility.  KDE was mentioned in this thread, so it probably exists
somewere.  But I can't find anything on debian.org and from kde.org
I can't fetch stuff with apt :-(

> Second, I wish to have it
> later, because I hope that my NM application will be through by then
> so I can vote against non-free removal.

/me too.  If non-free gets removed, my application can be removed from
the NM database as well.


Protecting the children is a good way to get a lot of adults who cant
stand up for themselves.		-- seen in some sig on /.

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