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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Roland Rosenfeld proclaimed:
> Do you really believe this?  How do you realize to collect all the
> non-free applications on one site with the right to upload packages by
> Debian maintainers and with world wide mirrors?  Or do you want to
> enter one line to apt/sources.list for every single package?  I don't
> like this idea, especially for new Debian users who won't understand
> this.

That, in my opinion, is precisely the reason why a, for lack of a better
word, cabal has consistently made it more and more difficult to have
non-free software in Debian.  Take a naive new user.  Make it difficult for
them to get non-free software.  Pretty soon you have a "true free software
user".  The want for non-free software is not satisfied.  The user is
merely conditioned to not want non-free software.  

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