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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

** On Jun 09, John Goerzen scribbled:

> >  fact that some of the packages I emntioned were games. It is easier
> >  to lable my objection as being just game related in a masterly piece
> >  of sophistry than toi address the issue (which you have not either).
> No indeed.  I was trying to get the point across -- are we really
> going to continue the support of the distribution of non-free software
> merely because of GAMES?!  You seem to think that games justfiy this.
Hmm... Although I'm not a player myself, I recognize that it's games that
drive at least a large part of the computer industry - whether you like it
or not. It applies certainly to the PC hardware. And whether one likes it or
not, games is what attracts many users to that or another OS... So, yes,
they *also* are a reason for *not* removing the section.

> >  	How naive. No, it is more reasonable to recognize it as what
> >  it appears to be:  trivialize your oppositions argumewnts as just
> >  being ``games'', ignoring what you know are not games -- word play.
> My opposition seems to think that games are a valid reason for keeping
> non-free around.  Seems fair game, so to speak, to discuss this.
Your irony here doesn't serve anything. It's just a poor excuse for not
discussing this particular issue...


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