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Re: Why the GR is not necessary

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 11:52:23PM -0700, Jim Lynch wrote:
> > > rename "main" to "debian"
> > I don't think that works
> Actually, it can work if we do several things: 
>  1) make the user do something extrordinary (like -gasp- edit a file)
>      to get non-free software. (referring to the sources.list; once done,
>      it's perm for that user)
>  2) the renaming is a really good idea.


>  3) debian as released will -never- release a sources.list on anything 
>      debian calls an official release with the string "non-free" in it.
>      Not ANYWHERE in that file, not as documentation, not as examples.
> I'm saying: apt makes getting non-free easy enough as it is. Let's not
> make it effortless, and placing it into default sources.list will do 
> exactly that. If they want non-free, LET THEM LEARN HOW TO GET IT AND

On a fresh instalation of potato you are asked if you would like to include
contrib and non-free software. The default answer is `no'. While this isn't
the same as having a user edit a file it does require a positive action.

I think you will find you point 3) already done. The renaming is more
of a technical issue whereas this GR is largely political.


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