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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free


	So far, we have always packages ``All the packages fit to
 package''. The only criteria has been that we be legally allowed to
 package software, and that some one finds it useful enough to spend
 the effort packaging it. Indeed, when we could not distribute the
 binaries, we created sourece only packages, or installer packages. 

	It was, IMHO, a judicious mix of free software evengelism, and
 one of creating the *BEST* distribution, with all the useful
 software we could package. I could almost always find any software
 available out there already packaged for debian. We were the
 inclusive distribution, and we showed our comitment to free software
 by only bundling free software on our CD's, and our commitment to
 useful distribution and our social contract by packaging and
 supporting the other software that did not meet our guidelines but
 was useful to our users.

 	I like the fact we can cater to people who like free software
 (never put non-free in your apt sources), as well as to people who
 just want a useful distribution -- and we can, gently, try to win
 them over to free alternatives wehre such exist. We offer a choice,
 we do not impose. We evangelize, we do not force. 

 	Those who think this does not help Debian obviously have not
 really thought it through. 

	This GR is disturbin. It throws away the promises made in the
 social contract. It is exclusionary. It reduces the utility of Debian
 to a number of users, and thus would marginalize us into a non
 entity. And it makes us committed to the free distribution, as
 opposed to the best free distribution.

	I am not convinced that this is a good idea.

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 hacks, How many losses at Project MAC?
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