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Re: profile.d [was Re: UMASK 002 or 022?]

ftapparo@ntt.it (Francesco Tapparo) writes:

> Uhm. I think that the more clean solution would be to modify ls to
> read a config file /etc/lsrc. I know that this can sound strange, but
> the config file would solve all these shell compatibility problem in
> a clean way.  Of course if an option is given in the command line,
> or if the appropriate environment value is set, they would have the
> precedence.  The color options (what color for what file) from ls
> would be another thing to put in that /etc/lsrc.

I really don't think that ls has *so* many features that we need to add
a configuration file.  If you really need to set up your system to run
ls in a preferred fashion, write a /usr/local/bin/ls (or $HOME/bin/ls)
wrapper script that adds your preferred options.

- Brian

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