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Re: ITP: qmailadmin

Adam McKenna wrote:
> I don't know how you intend to package vpopmail, it is already 
> packaged under the name vchkpw.

Well, have you looked at version of vchkpw and current version?
And BTW vchkpw is unmaintained long time ago and has several
security flaws in it.  John Marler had some unofficial packages of 
vpopmail up to version 3.4.9, but he stopped packaging when mysql
was integrated into vpopmail.  I wrote several patches for vpopmail
including runtime configuration for mysql and plugin architecture
so one could choose between (free)cdb and mysql backend.

Ok, you can package qmailadmin, but please wait until newest
vpopmail is in Debian and at least qmailadmin 0.30 is out.
Qmailadmin in current state is quite unusable.

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