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Re: ITP: qmailadmin

Adam McKenna wrote:
> qmailadmin:
> Web-based management for vpopmail/vchkpw - maintain POP3 users, aliases, etc.
> GPL'd.
> http://www.inter7.com/qmailadmin

Not a good idea to do it know, because there are no official Debian
packages for this.  I sent ITP request this week too and I want also
to package vpopmail (I have debs ready.)  And also I don't remebmer
I have seen you on either qmailadmin or vpopmail mail list.  I also
made several patches to qmailadmin which will hopefully get into
upstream and I can say, that I understand qmailadmin/vpopmail
very well (from both developer and user/administrator view).
I think I am more eliglible to package qmailadmin, but we can make
a consensus.  You can package qmailadmin and I will package vpopmail,
but please wait until vpopmail will get into main debian archive and
qmailadmin 0.30 is out.  You can download packages for vpopmail
from my apt repository at deb http://www.sury.cz/debian unstable misc

> autorespond:
> A simple auto-responder script written by Eric Huss.  I have written the
> author in an attempt to clarify the licensing terms (currently there is only
> a copyright notice and nothing else.)
> http://www.vpopmail.cx/autorespond-1.0.0.tar.gz

Ok, no objections to this.  Don't forget to change exit codes in
autoresponder to 0 or this package will be unusable for most of people.

> My sponsor is Ben Collins.  I intend to have packages up for testing by the
> end of next week.

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