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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au> writes:

>    Or any testimonials for that matter.  Does he really exist?
> The closest I can come are his associates.
> John Goerzen.   A fanatic who has labelled all non-free software users and
> maintainers immoral and wants us out of the project.  See point 6, the most
> important one.

It is a sad day when a Debian developer is labeled a fanatic for
supporting Free Software.  If you are engaging in character
assisination anyway, I might ask what your credentials are in the
field.  Are you really working for Microsoft or SCO?  What do you have
against Free Software?

Not only that, but I did not call maintainers immoral nor call for
your removal.  You're doing a good enough job of making that case all
by yourself.

> Bruce Perens.  A control freak who as DPL told us all to fuck off when he

Bruce had nothing to do with my proposal.

>    Well, it seems my sarcastic comment *does* sum up their business plan

You will have to wait until an announcement is made.  There are
greater things planned.

>    I notice John Goerzen has avoided this spur of the discussion.  Probably

Perhaps I was at work during the day.

>    Goerzen, you (OF), and the other supporters of this resolution (both the
> now and in-the-future camps) I think have no capability to envision the
> consequences this resolution.  Please follow the scenarios the rest of us
> are painting and explain to us why they won't happen.

OK let me state it now:



Do you have a problem comprehending the concept of sources.list?

>    That Debian is even seriously divided over this issue is disturbing. We
> (Debian) are at the center of the Debian community.  It was in the past a
> very mobile community, but since the closing of new-maintainer has become
> very stratified and a strong holier-than-thou attitude has crept into the
> developer lists.  Very much like the *BSDs exhibit.  Very Cathedral. And now
> the developers are seriously discussing leaving the center of the community
> and moving to the edge.  Do you not feel the presence of a community around
> you, or have you found a different, more "moral" community within the
> developer ranks?

Debian has always been about supporting Free Software.  I am concerned
about people like you moving towards proprietary software.

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