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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>  	Now, where exactly do you think these non-free packages shall
>  be available from? Who shall host the servers? Where shall the
>  non-free BTS reside? And how shall Debian be compensated for the time
>  developers spend on this vaourware infrastructure?

Here's my theory.  I think the non-free supporters should get a place
to put the non-free stuff and not mooch off Debian.

Debian is the free parts of the main archive.  We all know that
non-free is not part of Debian.  I think it's a reasonable idea to say
that it is not Debian's job to advance the commercial interests of
software developers who are not willing to help out the free software

Debian's apt makes it trivial for users to use an alternative parallel
system.  The proposal is to remove non-free in woody.  Given the
length of time it takes releases to happen, I'm sure the supporters of
non-free can put their archive in place by the time woody is released.

I think it's the job of the commercial software companise mooching off
Debian (and those developers who are willing to help them) to make
non-free and distribute it.

It is contrary to the interests of Debian and the long-term interests
of Debian's users for Debian to advertise and distribute non-free.


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