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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 05:31:27PM +1000, Drake Diedrich wrote:
>    I think this is a plot to make Debian less useful to a percentage
> (between 5% and 95%) of the userbase

Are you serious?

> in order to create a larger market
> niche for a new Debian-based distribution.  Probably Microsoft Debian.

Well, if you're going to trot out a conspiracy theory, how about
identifying as your culprit Progeny Linux, the new company with which John
Goerzen has recently taken a position?  Progeny is headed by Ian Murdock,
the founder of Debian and not someone about whom I am accustomed to hearing
testimonals on lack of integrity.

You want a conspiracy theory?  Roll with it, man.  Full steam ahead.  Let's
see if you end up making any sense at all.

> It'll also sabotage the bug tracking system and a distributed package pool.

Sabotage the BTS?  How?  Will all my XFree86 bugs be closed if this
proposal is implemented (actually, that might almost be a blessing, and
therefore my support of the proposal as amended must be suspect :) )?

How will a "distributed" package pool be disrupted by such a thing?  If a
package pool is "distributed", can't it be "distributed" across hosts
including those not managed by Debian, as long as the administrators of
those hosts work with us cooperatively?

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