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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

>>"Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

 Branden> As I said elsewhere, this GR is being widely misunderstood
 Branden> as a ban on .debs of non-free software all over the world.
 Branden> Such a ban is impossible.

	 Specious. The point is that as of now, if we just remove
  non-free, the non-free debs have no home, no BTS, no way for people
  to just package and upload, and thus, make them essentially

  	If an infrastructure can be created (I am not sure it can be,
 really) it shall suck more time and resources that may have come to
 Debian, and even then, quality shall drop (policy com,pliance,
 upoloads only from Debian developers, etc). Indeed, the red hat
 contrib section is an example. 

 Branden> The GR is a predominantly technical proposal, although
 Branden> John's attached rationale veritably overflowed with
 Branden> principled arguments.

 	I think this is incorrect. The proposal is a polictical one,
 with the implementation being moderately technical (indeed, there is
 little technical in just chuck non-free, and dump it from the

	I shudder to think this is anyones idea of a technical proposal.

 Branden> In actual practice, with a little care -- and a little
 Branden> effort on the part of people who already maintain non-free
 Branden> packages -- the transition to a post-GR state need not be
 Branden> very painful for our users. 

	If you believe that, I think you have no idea about what the
 proposal you are seconding entails. *LITTLE* effort? To find hosts
 for the archive, mirror networks, dinstall, keyring sync, uplaod
 queues, and Incoming mechanism, a BTS, all this is a *little* effort? 

 	Either that statement is clueless, or delibrately deceptive.

 leverage, n.: Even if someone doesn't care what the world thinks
 about them, they always hope their mother doesn't find out.
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