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RE: General Resolution: Removing non-free

From: Branden Robinson [mailto:branden@ecn.purdue.edu]

> A good thing, because you clearly don't understand the resolution.

<Note:  I am not the "you" referred to above>
> This resolution will do NOTHING to prevent users from downloading, using,
> compiling from source (if available), modifying, etc. non-free software.
> It is a largely technical proposal with some alterations to the Social
> Contract to clear up some muddy language and terminate a 
> compromise that was made years ago for pragmatic reasons.

As I understand it, this is the first resolution to alter the Social
Contract since it was created 4+ years ago.  That alone makes it a largely
political proposal.

As I understand it, this resolution alters the Social Contract by altering
Debian's promise to the user, specifically removing Debian's support of
non-free software through archive
space, bug-tracking support, etc.  Altering Debian's promise to the user is
a largely (if not wholly) political act.

Termination of a compromise in a political document (which the Social
Contract surely is) is inherently a political act.  From my reading of the
resolution, it seems that termination of this compromise is the -primary-
act that the resolution is trying to do.  The elimination of non-free from
the servers and BTS, as well as the modification of the SC are simply the
ways to achieve that.  That makes, in my mind, this resolution almost wholly
a political proposal, not "largely technical".

Characterising this resolution as "largely technical" is, in my opinion,
disingenuous at best.

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