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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free


> Hmm.  So removing these packages from non-free will make it impossible for
> Debian to be used as a platform for Java, E-commerce, or web browsing with
> Netscape?
> What exactly is it that Debian users absolutely will not be able to do with
> a Debian system if the General Resolution is passed?

Write latex documents using WYSIWYG. In other words use lyx. Sorry but quite a 
lot of people still use latex instead of the lat^Hmest and greatest software

Use a few PCMCIA GUI frontends that happen to depend on bxforms.

Use anything working on/with Java

Use any NVIDIA hardware as the drivers happen to be binary only

Use any Lucent soft modem hardware as it happens to have some binary only 

Use... Ad naseum...

I personally do not give a fsck about java, but Branden would you be so kind 
to port lyx to a different toolkit before advocating what you are advocating 

Being the developer responsible for Xwindows it is in your area. 

And of course convince the upstream developers that they use a different 


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