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Re: lintian and binary plugins

David Benson <daveb@idealab.com> writes:

[dynamically loading .so's]
> Lintian gives warnings:
> W: gdam: non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink usr/lib/gdam/plugins/model/gdamgong.so.0
> .0.0 usr/lib/gdam/plugins/model/gdamgong.so
I got that with my GQL package, which should be on the way to incoming, too.

> And errors:
> E: gdam: ldconfig-symlink-before-shlib-in-deb usr/lib/gdam/plugins/server/gdasph
> aser.so.0
I think that means that symlinks hould always go last in debian
packages. How do you build yur package? debhelper should do this

> What should I do?
> 	- ignore the warnings?
> 	- move the .so files [or rename them] so
> 	  that lintian doesn't see them?
My solution was to step over to libltdl-dev (libtool-related) instead
of glibs' gmodule, which I used before. Then you can install and open
the .la files and are able to remove the offending symlink.

My point not for simply removing the '.so' link and opening
'.so.<VERSION>' one was that this is not quite portable (not all
systems number/name their libs like this). To include version info,
though, I used names like libfoo<VERSION>-plugin.la. This allows
having different executable/plugin versions installed at the same

> Does anyone know of a good package that
> uses plugins I can inspect?

GQL: http://GQL.sourceforge.net/download.html 

HTH, Andy
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