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Re: Should we divide Debian to usable and unusable

>>"Sami" == Sami Haahtinen <ressu@uusikaupunki.fi> writes:

 Sami> the statistics were there to show where we are..  this
 Sami> percentage should be much smaller, just because it makes linux
 Sami> more professional (No flames about this please!) it makes a
 Sami> whole lot of difference to the end users what is the current
 Sami> version number.. think of it.. would you use Debian if it was
 Sami> 0.6.. or 0.2.4? the point for those figures was that the
 Sami> suftware that is considered finished, shoudl be 1.0 it would be
 Sami> more interesting to look for software older that 4 or 5 months
 Sami> that hasn't changes since and still has pre 1.0 version...

 	I am not yet convinced that we should be spending any enrgy
 whatsoever to attract and cater to users for whom that is is a valid
 criteria for judging software quality.

 Sami> i've seen so many times when a end user comes to Linux and
 Sami> says: 'This crashes even more than my windows95' after trying
 Sami> to explain the situation, the user has heard many words like
 Sami> developement, unstable, woody, potato, slink and many
 Sami> others.. the user doesn't know what to think.. exept.. 'BACK TO

	In my humble opinion, that is precisely where they should be
 too. No single operating system is for everyone. Trying to shoe horn
 people into an environment unsuitable for them is contraproductive. 
 Sami> good point, although if i didn't have any clue.. i'd pick 2000 before
 Sami> 0.2.3 just to be on the safe side...

	Then perhaps you should consider Windows 2000, which has a
 much more professional, mature, and robust version number than any
 Linux distribution out there? I mean, obviously, it is miles ahead of
 a mere 2.X version. It must be at least a thousand times better.

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