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Re: Should we divide Debian to usable and unusable

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 03:59:06PM +0300, Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> we have 1371 pre 1.0 packages, against 5309 packages total..
> (approx 25%)

This is an absolutely meaningless statistic. Pre-1.0 version numbers don't
mean the package is unusable or useless anymore than post-1.0 version
numbers mean a package doesn't crash every second time you use it.
You'll note, for example, that Apt hasn't made 1.0.0 yet.

If you really want to go through the packages in slink, potato, and woody,
and provide some accurate *meaningful* measure of how many packages don't
actually do anything, that might be more helpful.

A report such as:

	foo 0.0.3 is unusable, and there's already a package bar (0.4.2)
	that does everything foo can do and better.

	baz 0.1.2 is pretty buggy, but the only replacement (quux 3.1.4)
	is in non-free.

would be helpful and interesting, I imagine.


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