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Possible ITP (was Re: majordomo concerns (and putting up for adoption))

Remco van de Meent wrote:
> Majordomo's license is evil: we cannot modify the source and simply
> rebuild the package, without violating the license (this has been
> discussed before). 


> As I don't use majordomo myself anymore, I want to put it up for
> adoption. If anyone wants it, take it. If noone does, the package may
> be removed from the distribution. There are (imho) good alternatives
> available, like mailman.

Majordomo 1.X is the one with the terribly restrictive license. 
Majordomo 2 (currently in beta) is fully built from ground up. 
Advantages with majordomo2:

1. Distributed under Apache-ish license.  I haven't asked around in
debian-legal yet.  But it sounds open to me.

2. Written modularly in perl 5.

3. Fully MIME aware.

If no one objects, I'll make this my Intent To Package majordomo2.  More
info on mj2 is available at http://www.hpc.uh.edu/majordomo/#mj2


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