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Where to look in assembling a Debian Linux Team

Title: Where to look in assembling a Debian Linux Team

        Appologizing to mac/ppc purists, but this is still an opportunity... and yes I am trying to get POP machines eventually :-)

        Hello my name is Andrew J. Weiss, and I am the director of linux development at Boxx International Corporation based in Hawthorne NY.  Our company is looking to put together a Debian Linux Team (Our Boxx Linux will be based on Debian 2.2 potato).  I have already made a custom Debian CD set and installed it on one of our prototype machines.  I've hacked together the look and feel we desire to use, but as a larger project than any one person can handle since we wish to eventually put our Boxx Linux (similar to the idea of VA, but different and more specialized hardware) on all of our machines from our special laptops to our set-top DVD boxes, we will need to put together a Linux programming team that is especially familiar with Debian.  We also welcome familiarity with Gnustep, OpenSTEP, Mac OS X Server, MacOS X DPx, Windowmaker, and xxxxBSD's, as well as the Hurd.  We are looking to develop our interfaces and share them with the rest of the development community in an effort to have a Linux that functions out of the box in a very polished manner.  Specific focuses are on good graphical versions of dpkg ala. Stormix's version which is very nice, customization and smoothing over of Windowmaker with GNUSTEP, and Login.app (I've already modified the look and feel and am going to send a copy back to Per with credits theretofore... Using version 1.99 not the version provided with potato), and/or wdm (though I don't like wdm as much, but for customers needing remote consoles I want it running in the background), and basically I want to see if we can port WMFinder, or a filemanager of some sort that is STEPish.  Windowmaker is the most popular according to Linux Journal and the nicest looking IMHO... this avoids any KDE licensing issues and ugliness of either KDE or GNOME in being very Windowsy in appearance. 

I also want a good mail app.  The only issue I see is we will be including the non-free tree because there's not enough easy to use fool-proof free versions of office suites and/or web browsers and emulators (no flames here... just for a consumer and professional mix we need Communicator, Star Office and/or Corel Office, VMware, etc.)

        Right now we are looking to get in contact with professionals in the area who can either be of service (we will soon be hiring) as either developers, or access to developers.

Any ideas or info,
please mail:

Thanks in advance

Andrew Weiss
Director of Linux Program Development
Boxx International Corporation
1 Skyline Dr.
Hawthorne NY 10548
(914) 347-9300

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