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Re: Where to look in assembling a Debian Linux Team

	Hi Andrew,
	Postillion or TkMail or TkRat with TkStep are good e-mail programms.
	Good look.
Quoting Andrew Weiss (Andrew.Weiss@boxx.net):
> 	Appologizing to mac/ppc purists, but this is still an opportunity...
> and yes I am trying to get POP machines eventually :-)
> 	Hello my name is Andrew J. Weiss, and I am the director of linux
> development at Boxx International Corporation based in Hawthorne NY.  Our
> company is looking to put together a Debian Linux Team (Our Boxx Linux will
> be based on Debian 2.2 potato).  I have already made a custom Debian CD set
> and installed it on one of our prototype machines.  I've hacked together the
> look and feel we desire to use, but as a larger project than any one person
> can handle since we wish to eventually put our Boxx Linux (similar to the
> idea of VA, but different and more specialized hardware) on all of our
> machines from our special laptops to our set-top DVD boxes, we will need to
> put together a Linux programming team that is especially familiar with
> Debian.  We also welcome familiarity with Gnustep, OpenSTEP, Mac OS X
> Server, MacOS X DPx, Windowmaker, and xxxxBSD's, as well as the Hurd.  We
> are looking to develop our interfaces and share them with the rest of the
> development community in an effort to have a Linux that functions out of the
> box in a very polished manner.  Specific focuses are on good graphical
> versions of dpkg ala. Stormix's version which is very nice, customization
> and smoothing over of Windowmaker with GNUSTEP, and Login.app (I've already
> modified the look and feel and am going to send a copy back to Per with
> credits theretofore... Using version 1.99 not the version provided with
> potato), and/or wdm (though I don't like wdm as much, but for customers
> needing remote consoles I want it running in the background), and basically
> I want to see if we can port WMFinder, or a filemanager of some sort that is
> STEPish.  Windowmaker is the most popular according to Linux Journal and the
> nicest looking IMHO... this avoids any KDE licensing issues and ugliness of
> either KDE or GNOME in being very Windowsy in appearance.  
> I also want a good mail app.  The only issue I see is we will be including
> the non-free tree because there's not enough easy to use fool-proof free
> versions of office suites and/or web browsers and emulators (no flames
> here... just for a consumer and professional mix we need Communicator, Star
> Office and/or Corel Office, VMware, etc.)
> 	Right now we are looking to get in contact with professionals in the
> area who can either be of service (we will soon be hiring) as either
> developers, or access to developers.
> Any ideas or info, 
> please mail:
> andrew.weiss@boxx.net
> Thanks in advance
> Andrew Weiss
> Director of Linux Program Development
> Boxx International Corporation
> 1 Skyline Dr.
> Hawthorne NY 10548
> (914) 347-9300

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