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(Dark) please remove wxgtk2.1 (was: URGENT: etc. etc.)

Jim Lynch wrote:
> OK...   Which version makes it buildable?

er.. you want me to repeat myself for the fourth time in two days?!?

RTFA.  Please.

> (you know the choices are two: either the package builds under potato
> or else gets removed...

I'm tempted to reassign your bug to ftp.d.o to get it removed from woody
too.  It is obsolete.  Worse than obsolete, anyone using it to develop apps
can expect them to break (even at the source level) when 2.2 is released.

It was a snapshot from the unstable tree during active development, which
was very handy to have available at the time (thanks Ben!) but is NOT
release quality, nor even really desirable to release with Potato when 2.2
is just around the corner.

Dark, please feel free to remove wxgtk2.1{,-dev}, wxwin2-doc and python-wxwin,
I've spoken previously with the maintainers and have taken over the wxWin
package maintainance.  I'll be uploading new packages to woody as soon as
they are ready (upstream) for release.


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