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RFPondering: runlevelconf, dependency-based init.d scheme

	Hi. I recall there has been some talk about the
	ugliness of the current sequence-based init.d-scheme
	(mostly that its hard to add things in the middle of
	the sequence, between two adjacent numbers). I
	recall there was talk about a dependency-based

	I just happened to run into


	by Mate Wierdl <mw@moni.msci.memphis.edu> that does
	exactly this.

	Can someone more familiar with the current scheme,
	and requirements for a new one, take a look at his
	initial alpha version and see if it can do things
	we would like our system to do, and consider integrating
	the effort into our system?

	Thank you.

	PS. you may want to prune the Cc:s.

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