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Sign GPG public key: DFW | NE Texas

Greetings:  God bless you.

I wish to become a Debian Developer, and need someone whom I can
meet and have sign my key.  I work in Richardson, and live in
northeast Texas, between Greenville and Tyler.  If you are, or
know, a Debian Developer in good standing, within, say, 80 km
(50 miles) of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, or no more than
that south of I-20 in northeast Texas, please reply to
Bolan.Meek@wcom.com, and cc: to bolan@koyote.com .

Of course, if I get no positive replies from, or directing to,
within that target within X days, I'll spread my "blast" radius ;-)

Thank you for your attention to my request, and your forbearance
if nothing in this applies to you.

PS:  My interests in Debian Development are:
	adopt orphaned packages, such as xmailtool, chimera2
	contribute to documentation & manuals
	initial packaging of tools I use
	help develop source for network diagnosis & monitoring,
		CAD, security systems control, CNC machining,
		CAE, music authoring tools, packet radio, ...
	-and Debianize them-
	and, generally, contribute back as has been given to me.  :)

My public key for Bolan Meek (voland0) <bolan@koyote.com>
can be obtained from

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