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dpkg funnies

Hello all,

While trying to install Debian in an unconventional way, I did the

- extracted base
- hand configured some things, changed sources.list
- baked a kernel and modules
- installed those
- rebooted

Now after that, "dselect" showed that a whole bunch of stuff had an
"install" selection state but was not installed (why?). I wanted to get
rid of those. Now the only way to change package selection states seems
to be "dselect" and "dpkg --set-selections".

Well, as far as I could see, there was no way to get a list of "install
not-installed" (for example) packages. I did find out, however, that

dpkg --get-selections
is different from
dpkg --get-selections *
in the sense that the first shows only installed package selections
whereas the latter shows installed states for (all?) packages.

Anyway, what I did to get rid of the selections was

dpkg --get-selections *|sed 's/install$/purge/'|dpkg --set-selections
dpkg --get-selections |sed 's/purge$/install/'|kpkg --set-selections

this makes use of the found out oddity. But it's all not documented too
wel and I wonder what the official way would be. Can anyone comment on
this, please? "Should there be" a way to search for certain sorts of
packages? Also, the "dpkg --yet-to-unpack" output seemed not to useful
(only for humans:) but is there a way to get this machine-readable?

Best regards,

ps I'm installing Debian with a serial console  this way - goes really
well, apart from the startup problems! ;-)

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