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Re: Bug#64605: Gets confused if repacking in user home directory

csmall wrote:
> I find that if i use dpkg-repack in, say, a users home directory then
> dpkg-deb borks with wierd errors.
> dpkg-deb: building package `lynx' in `./lynx_2.8.2-6+ipv6_i386.deb'.
> dpkg-deb: control directory has bad permissions 2755 (must be >=0755 and <=0775)
> dpkg-repack: Error running: dpkg --build ./dpkg-repack-23190 .
> -- Cleaning up
> dpkg-repack: Errors were encountered in processing.
> dpkg-repack: The package may not unpack correctly.
> cd to /root and it works fine.

Ah, it's the curse of the sgid home directory again (this broke alien

Can anyone tell me why debian makes home directories sgid? Ie, I have
this on a fairly recent install:

drwxr-sr-x   38 joey     joey         3072 May 24 12:41 /home/joey

I don't think home directories used to be made this way. I don't see any
advantage to doing it this way unless the user shares a group with
someone, and the user group system we use pretty much precludes that.

Anyway, uploading a fix now..

see shy jo

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