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Re: ITP: lame

Robert Woodcock <rcw@debian.org> writes:

> > Even if lame can not go into Debian due to patent issues, I will put
> > a new package up for download as soon as possible.
> It's safe to say that it still infringes.

The lame author thinks that distributing source code should be ok (of
course, since he obviously does it).

Would a "source-package" be fine? Should it go into non-free or not (the
code is GPL'd)?

> Be aware that the patent issues keep this from being distributed in the US
> and Germany and that means you can't use Debian's mirror network to
> distribute it at all (unless .de non-us mirrors drop off the face of the
> earth or we create a non-de mirror network).

Oh, now there are two packages needing non-de ...


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