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Re: First Test Cycle starts today

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 10:34:49AM -0700, Jim Lynch wrote:
> I have to apologise in advance to most of you, but Joseph Carter has
> chosen to publically flame the release mgr for taking a package out
> that Carter was late in uploading due to a choice he himself made
> (which he attributes to his "real life concerns".)

Actually, upon finding hop this morning he said he wouldn't have been able
to make it yesterday because he didn't have a free moment at work
otherwise he'd have emailed me.

The package was uploaded late by a whole 12 hours.

> The package is an irc client. We have irc clients. It's not like we
> need them all.
> Yes, it does sux that he couldn't get it in this time, but it's 
> not critical in any way.

Not critical to you.

> In addition, if the boot floppies versioned 2.2.12 use the kernel
> versioned 2.2.14 and the security patch referred to by Wichert
> has not been applied to it, there is a chance for a second test
> cycle. 
> (However, that patch was sent to the kernel image maint around
> 2 weeks ago)

This was a FOUR DAY OLD bug report with a patch that had already been
written, but could not be extracted until hop made it to work on Monday.
He was busy at work and I was busy with same so I didn't know I'd have to
wait until this morning to upload the package.  A whole 12 hours

> Also in the note, Carter refers to -private material. 

Oh no!  You'd better get me expelled from the project for leaking
sensitive Debian secrets!

> Want some cheese with that whine?? 

You just earned yourself a procmail rule.  Have a nice day.

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