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postgresql-6.5.3 (potato): Re: First Test Cycle starts today

Richard Braakman wrote:
  >The first official Test Cycle has started today.  It's not entirely my
  >doing, but such things gather momentum :-)

Recent experience with people upgrading to woody's postgresql 7.0...
leads me to expect trouble with the upgrade from slink (6.3.2) to
(potato) 6.5.3.  The trouble is that I can't think what to do about it.

There are two problems; first, that slink is 2 major releases behind
on postgresql, instead of 1, which may in itself cause upgrading problems,
and second is the behaviour of apt in handling upgrades.

The first problem is likely to cause some people data problems, which 
may require them to edit their dumped data.  I don't think there is
anything I can do about that.  They will just have to live with it.

The second problem is that apt is actually removing packages before
reinstalling them. Since postgresql relies on picking up the previously
installed binaries to dump the database during (or after) the upgrade,
this is disastrous, because apt deletes the necessary binaries before
postgresql can get to them.  I have solved this problem for the
upgrade from potato to woody by saving the binaries in the prerm, but it
is not practicable to backport this into slink at this stage.

The end result is that I know there are going to be problems, but I cannot think of any way (inside the packaging system) to handle them.  Has
anyone any suggestions?

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