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Re: apt sources.list

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 09:24:59PM -0500, J. Currey wrote:
> Problem:
> 	When potato defrosts and becomes "stable", machines using
> the stable branch will quantum jump into a new release, whereas their
> owners prefer a gentle and more stable transition (they choose to be stable).
> No current setting in apt sources list will give a gentle transition.

Well, there are current setups which are safe (usage of the distribution
names instead of the aliases). I mentioned that at the last transition. We
have quite a few places where "stable/frozen/unstable" make problems (for
example the upload target in the changelog, one can hardly recognize into
which distribution which file was uploaded if it is tagged with "frozen"
instead of "potato". Which is especially annoying if you upload to the queue
and the names of the distributions change.

Therefore I suggest to use the distribution code names whereever and
whenever possible instead of the alias names.

Of course this does not solve all the apt istallations out there which will
break with a big boom soon.


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