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Re: apt sources.list

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 10:11:02AM +0200, Valentijn Sessink wrote:

> So then what? Someone has a 33K6 modem and thinks that "apt-get install
> <package>" would be nice. Then what? In your opinion, this should break
> the very minute the "stable" links point to another directory. There you
> go with your nice "debian slink" old-fashioned distro? We're so sorry?

Slink will disappear from the FTP sites once it is no longer the stable 
release.  If this is a problem for you you really ought to be using CDs 
or some other form of archive that isn't going to vanish - changing the 
name of the distribution you're using in the apt sources.list isn't 
going to help much.

> I agree that there's more to it than just changing the links. That still
> means the current implementation *will* break. It *will* break - and
> heavy users might be able to make a good guess about what's going on,
> but that's no excuse.

One would hope that the "I'm about to ugrade x hundred packages using
hundreds of megabytes of downloads" might offer some useful hint.  In
any case, it's not such a calamity to upgrade accidentally - Debian does
generally handles upgrades reasonably well.

Pointing at the release name will break for everyone - people who want
to track the current stable release will have to adjust things and
people who want to keep on using the old release will find the archive
they're pointing at going away.

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