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Re: RC-bugs, horizons and all that...

> >  These thoughts are the job of a release manager. The RM should be telling
> > these things to people, should be setting policies and guidelines so we all
> > know what does the freeze mean. IMO, of course. A RM should be a little more
> > than a stricter dinstall.
> That's why I send mail to debian-devel-announce.  I only accept changes
> to frozen if they fix important bugs, and I announced this on March 13th.

 So if I upload this...

 * Removed  `echo oh yes? ; rm -rf /' from `postrm purge'.
 * Fixed spelling mistake in manpage.

 ... it will go. But this:

 * Fixed spelling mistake in manpage.

 won't be accepted.. right?

 I say that both must go. And in fact both are being accepted, AFAICT from
looking the changelogs... But some people don't know this, and upload they
fixed typos only to woody. We should agree on this I think...

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