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Re: RC-bugs, horizons and all that...

> Yeah, some people think only fixes for critical bugs are allowed in frozen,
> and OTOH some people think new upstream bugfix releases are allowed in
> frozen...
> I think we should just try to upload any bugfixing stuff to frozen, too, and
> let Richard decide whether it's bound to break stuff or not.
> Yes, obvious reply to this would be that it would put too much load on the
> poor release manager :) And yes, the obvious reply to that reply would be:
> get more people to be release managers :)

 All true, and I like to add this:

 These thoughts are the job of a release manager. The RM should be telling
these things to people, should be setting policies and guidelines so we all
know what does the freeze mean. IMO, of course. A RM should be a little more
than a stricter dinstall.

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