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Re: wrong priorities in the override file for potato

> The result (for the i386 architecture) is here:
> http://master.debian.org/~sanvila/potato

Anything that deps on libncurses4 should be recompiled against libncurses5.
I've already done this for sparc (and I'm sure other archs have this taken
care of), so if you change the priority, it would be superficial for i386
only. Consider that a better alternative. Hence the beauty of controlled
builds, the build environment can be maintained on a global basis (taking
shots at suggesting a build cluster here...maybe one day...)

As for libdb2, isn't that a moot point considering it doesn't really exist,
but is actually an empty package that libc6 fills in for? The only thing it
contains is two symlinks to libdb.so.3 (a libc6 library). After looking at
it, libc6 contains "libdb 3 libdb2 (...)", so it is forcing the dep, even
though it is actually providing the libraries. Why is it setup this way
(Joel)? What is the long term plan for db2/db3?

Take care of those two issues, and almost all of the problems you noted are


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