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Re: please stop!!

** On Apr 11, Russell Coker scribbled:
> I have tried to explain how the Internet works and why his messages are
> offensive to people who spend their spare time answering questions for free. 
> His replies to my messages have contained swearing as their only significant
Was he at least creative in that respect? :))

> content and he is now threatening to report me to the FBI.  Managers do not
> do these things.  A manager who starts abusing large numbers of people will
> involve their company in a law suit very quickly - and get sacked as a result.
Well, I suppose that a manager should know that FBI is limited in its
actions to the US territory :))) - after all the 'F' stands for Federal :)).
Maybe he meant CIA? :)))

> If anything else significant happens I will be sure to let you know.  I
> expect that he'll start threatening my ISP and requesting that my account be
It'll get worse if he reads about the Smurf attack and starts actually
harassing people in revenge :) from his school's lab computer :)

> removed.  I am now considering whether to reply to such a message saying "but
> Russell is one of my best users, can you provide proof of him doing something
> wrong" or whether I should just say "no I don't think that I will remove my
> own account".  ;)
hahahah :)))) - well, better send him something along these lines: "Thank
you for your co-operation. The abusive user has been put in front of the
Judge General and found guilty of abusing your patience. The defendant has
been sentenced to 5 years of separation from the Internet. We apologise for
any harm he might have done to You and Your family and we do hope that no
other event of that kind will ever take place. Sincerely...." :)) - now he
will be proud that he "forced that sucker off the Internet!!" :))


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