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RE: please stop!!


    I'd like to point out that "Tim" is obviously not a developer, probably
not a Linux enthusiast, and in all liklihood not a techie.  His original
response to my explanation was that he'd have "his Unix guy" look into
things ... more of a management answer than a techie approach.

    He is probably receiving copies of e-mail that folks post to the list
via a "reply all" command, rather than only to the list.  I've had the same
problem when I start a thread and get multiple copies of responses (direct
and posts).  

    I'm not very sympathetic to his inbox problem, but as one who spends a
lot of time overcoming management reticence to Linux implementation, I can
temper my responce a bit more gracefully than ping-ponging into a flame
spat.  Force fed gently, they WILL eventually come around.


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