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Re: please stop!!

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Grendel wrote:
>** On Apr 11, Russell Coker scribbled:
>> I have tried to explain how the Internet works and why his messages are
>> offensive to people who spend their spare time answering questions for free. 
>> His replies to my messages have contained swearing as their only significant
>Was he at least creative in that respect? :))

Unfortunately not.  You have to respect someone who can abuse you in a
creative and intelligent way.  However such people won't do such stupid

>> content and he is now threatening to report me to the FBI.  Managers do not
>> do these things.  A manager who starts abusing large numbers of people will
>> involve their company in a law suit very quickly - and get sacked as a result.
>Well, I suppose that a manager should know that FBI is limited in its
>actions to the US territory :))) - after all the 'F' stands for Federal :)).
>Maybe he meant CIA? :)))

While watching the X-files I have seen our favourite special agents working
in the UK and Russia.  Also I once read an X-files book which had them
working in Latin-America.  I fear that many managers in US companies would
regard the X-files as being an accurate depiction of FBI work.

>> If anything else significant happens I will be sure to let you know.  I
>> expect that he'll start threatening my ISP and requesting that my account be
>It'll get worse if he reads about the Smurf attack and starts actually
>harassing people in revenge :) from his school's lab computer :)

It would be annoying if he starting trying to flood my network (I am on a
modem link).  But I am confidant in my ability to stop such things before
they cause serious annoyance.

>> removed.  I am now considering whether to reply to such a message saying "but
>> Russell is one of my best users, can you provide proof of him doing something
>> wrong" or whether I should just say "no I don't think that I will remove my
>> own account".  ;)
>hahahah :)))) - well, better send him something along these lines: "Thank
>you for your co-operation. The abusive user has been put in front of the
>Judge General and found guilty of abusing your patience. The defendant has
>been sentenced to 5 years of separation from the Internet. We apologise for
>any harm he might have done to You and Your family and we do hope that no
>other event of that kind will ever take place. Sincerely...." :)) - now he
>will be proud that he "forced that sucker off the Internet!!" :))

No.  I would be quite happy to send him a couple of messages a day discussing
the matter until he learns or the sun burns out (whichever happens first).  ;)

Also I have explained that I find his messages so offensive that I want to
avoid ever accidentally assisting him with any computer problems he may have
and I would appreciate a list of all his email addresses so I can avoid such
a mistake in future.  He didn't respond to that part of my message.

My current location - X marks the spot.

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