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RE: please stop!!

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Huneycutt, Doug wrote:
>    I'd like to point out that "Tim" is obviously not a developer, probably
>not a Linux enthusiast, and in all liklihood not a techie.  His original
>response to my explanation was that he'd have "his Unix guy" look into
>things ... more of a management answer than a techie approach.
>    He is probably receiving copies of e-mail that folks post to the list
>via a "reply all" command, rather than only to the list.  I've had the same
>problem when I start a thread and get multiple copies of responses (direct
>and posts).  
>    I'm not very sympathetic to his inbox problem, but as one who spends a
>lot of time overcoming management reticence to Linux implementation, I can
>temper my responce a bit more gracefully than ping-ponging into a flame
>spat.  Force fed gently, they WILL eventually come around.

I refuse to believe that he is a manager.  I refuse to believe that he is
more than 16 years old without proof being supplied.

I have tried to explain how the Internet works and why his messages are
offensive to people who spend their spare time answering questions for free. 
His replies to my messages have contained swearing as their only significant
content and he is now threatening to report me to the FBI.  Managers do not
do these things.  A manager who starts abusing large numbers of people will
involve their company in a law suit very quickly - and get sacked as a result.

I have told him that the FBI have no jurisdiction over me and invited him to
contact them.  I have explained that I am willing to use the FBI to mediate
discussions between me and him if they wish to do so.  I have also explained
why the FBI are exceedingly unlikely to want to bother with this case and why
if they do decide to become involved they may decide that he is the

If anything else significant happens I will be sure to let you know.  I
expect that he'll start threatening my ISP and requesting that my account be
removed.  I am now considering whether to reply to such a message saying "but
Russell is one of my best users, can you provide proof of him doing something
wrong" or whether I should just say "no I don't think that I will remove my
own account".  ;)

My current location - X marks the spot.

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