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Re: please stop!!

Joseph Carter writes:
 > On Sat, Apr 08, 2000 at 06:42:34PM -0400, Tim wrote:
 > > people I have asked that you stop sending me your un-wanted e-mail!
 > > Now please stop it!!
 > Can someone please remove this troll from the list or something?  I cannot
 > believe anyone is willfully this dense.  You ask a question, it gets
 > answered.  People discuss the answer.  So you complain about the help?
 > What the hell is wrong with this picture?

That's just the old thing, we know. The new picture presented by
online-services (just as AOL, T-Online and so on) say, that you just
ask a question and someone (only one <- speak: the internet ;)
answeres it. People CAN'T imagine that there are only men (and women)
answering questions for free. And of course discussing them...

Bye, Nils
Nils Bokermann           /"\
Johanneswerkstr. 90      \ /  ASCII Ribbon Campaign 
33613 Bielefeld           x   Say NO to HTML in email and news
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