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please stop!!

people I have asked that you stop sending me your un-wanted e-mail!
Now please stop it!!

>unsubscribing from what?? I asked a question I did not
>subscrib to anything and I have asked nicely to be left
>alone, thats means why am I now reading unwanted e-mail 
>from you???  I have asked that you all stop sending me this 
>damn e-mail now please stop it!! That means I don't want 
>to see another damn e-mail from any one about this damn
>unix!! I'm sorry I asked the question now stop!!! 

>>At 06:35 PM 4/8/00 -0400, you wrote:
>>this is the way mailing lists work. someone puts forth a question, and other
>>people answer. the original poster may be satisfied, but others may not.
>>rather than complaining, simply ask that you people do not cc: you, or
>>consider unsubscribing.
>>(jacob kuntz)                    jpk@cape.com jake@{megabite,underworld}.net
>>(megabite systems)                       "think free speech, not free beer."

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