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Contributing as non-maintainer


I'd like to help in the development of Debian but preferably not
as a maintainer because I tend to have very busy periods in my life
when I really won't have time for my packages. So I want to help
every now and then in a minor project but I cannot engage in
maintaining a package all the time.

Is there a better way than mailing to a package maintainer at random
saying I want to become his slave for a while? Working on WNPP seems
to require a maintainer status.

My skills range from general application development to Delphi/C++/Java
coding (only bug fixing in C) and web authoring. I have a little
experience from translating, too (English -> Finnish). Writing documents
in English won't do unless I have someone re-reading and correcting
everything I write.

     Panu Hällfors

   Panu Hällfors, panupa@iki.fi  |  Internet Application Developer, Viloke Oy
    http://www.iki.fi/panupa/    |             http://www.viloke.fi

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