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Re: How to hide/show cursor without Ncurses ?

lorenzo.zampese@notes.electrolux.it writes:
> The point is: an exact question needs an exact answer.

Except for Craig's understandable but unfortunate need to take shots
at old DOS programmers, he gave you the right answer---and to the
extent that "exactness" matters, it is also exact.

You asked, more or less, "How do I do terminal handling in Unix just
like I did in DOS".

Craig answered, more or less, "Unix is not DOS, and the way things are
done in Unix are not the same as how they are done in DOS."

If you don't like that answer, that's fine, but you shouldn't cast
aspersions on Craig for giving the correct answer to a question that
probably shouldn't have been asked here in the first place---this is
not a Unix Programming class.


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