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Re: Re: How to hide/show cursor without Ncurses ?

I asked to list :

"How to hide/show cursor without Ncurses libraries..."

and you answered me, Dos programmers were weenie because they...,
...it is evil consider a generic terminal...
That's a yours suggestion/opinion/idea, but you didn't answered me really.
Please read the question carefully!

A possible answer could be :

->#include <termios.h>
->void hide_cursor(...){
->      tcgetattr(...);
->      ...
->      tcsetattr(...);
->NOTE: but you should use the "ncurses libraries" because doesn't exists a
->type of terminal, and then ...bla bla bla...


->Read documentation on "www.xyz.org"

The point is: an exact question needs an exact answer.
Comments and suggestions are another thing, though they are welcome,
OK ?

Anyway I think you don't know the answer, really.

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To:       Lorenzo Zampese/Electrolux Professional S.P.A./Italy/Electrolux


From:     Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

Date:     03/04/2000 08:34:15 GMT
          03/04/2000 10:34:53

Subject:  Re: Re: How to hide/show cursor without Ncurses ?

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On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 09:12:30AM +0100,
lorenzo.zampese@notes.electrolux.it wrote:
> Yuors is a good non-answer !

wrong. it was the right answer. it's not my problem that you don't like
the answer.


craig sanders

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