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First I'd like to know what "dialup" includes means for you.

Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> It does seem that some people do find it beneficial to send mail
> direct from their dialups (static or dynamic).  I don't understand why
> they think this is a good idea,

There are apparently a number of ISPs that do well in providing an IP
pipe, but suck big rocks when it comes to administering a mail server.

This number will certainly grow as more and more infrastructure
(phone, cable, electricity) providers will jump on the service
provider bandwagon.

> and I think it has a number of technical problems.

What are the problems for static IP dialups?

> It's clear, though, that the project will have to come to a common
> decision about this.  It's not just about what the project's
> mailservers will accept.  As I said in my other mail, since we all
> need to communicate with each other, either every developer must be
> forbidden from using the DUL, or every developer must either not send
> mail direct from their dynamic dialup, or must be prepared to send it
> differently if there is a problem.

You must not forget the users. If Debian comes to the consensus that
DUL is a Good Thing, this affects users, too. All MTA packages should
probably come with a big fat warning that you should use a relay if
your IP is dynamic.


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